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Being Alive is an everyday challenge. To those of us who Live, we meet this challenge with a healthy mental state of acceptance of reality. We know that we can only live in reality and that our actions must be used to deal with reality. We understand that Life is a total comprised of every moment. To be truly Alive and Live, one has to be aware and conscience at all times. Every action has purpose.

Those that choose to drift and want free will to be a myth, are too scared or lazy to be conscience all the time. They want everything to be entertaining, they want accolades without responsibility or criticism, not realizing that, if free will doesn't exist, they have no way to say they deserve accolades because it was just in their nature to do the thing they want praise for. They are in constant contradiction with reality, so they are always confused making it easy to trick and control them.

Years of being programmed has left them unable to fully understand what Being Alive means and they have been poisoned to believe they have a "right to live." There is no such thing as a "right to live" no more than they have a "right not to die." One has to actively engage with their own conscience to Live. One has to care for the fleshy mech suit that carries their Life force and for the 3 pound gift in our skull by making sure we keep them nourished and clean.

Being Alive is a fantastic opportunity, but not all humans want to accept the challenge. The opposite of Life is not Death. The opposite of Life is apathy. No happy individual is impervious to pain. No Living individual stays in pain. In order for the majority of the non entities to understand what being Alive means in order to learn to Live, they will have to face everything they have done in that state of non living and not let it destroy them. The reason it takes some to hit rock bottom before they fix their self is because the bottom is the only ground they had that was finally solid. So they stood up. We the Living always prevail. Thank you for being among the Living and for sharing your views. Your are beautiful.

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