Our collective conscious has become polluted due to media consumption.

I had a life-long friend, tell me that I'm "simple" due to our political differences. This was shocking to me. Now some of my family members are furious with me, because our mom didn't take the jab, and they believe that I'm crazy and a bad influence on her. Where is the respect for our mother's ability to make her own decisions? They maintain their position, even as data comes out, showing no efficacy and major side effects.

My point is: What we accept collectively has decayed to the point where we are willing to accept almost anything.

Bread and circus, and they are about to take away the bread.

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For a look down my vaccine rabbit hole (what my subscribers have called it) check out this post: The Human Tragedy of Untimely Deaths

"Holes in our Hearts Never to be Filled"


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