I enjoy your videos on bitchute almost every day. Now I get to enjoy your writing!

JL - HOUSTON. btw - frequently post links to your videos on my blog - jameslegare DOT com!

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When Jordan Peterson first hit the scene, I was a huge fan. I purchased many copies of his "12 Rules for Life" book and gave them as gifts.

I haven't admired Peterson for quite a while. I believe that his book has helped a lot of people, mostly young men, however, he doesn't walk the walk.

His wife fell ill and a doctor proscribed him some narcotics which he became addicted to. He claimed that he had no idea that he would become addicted, and passed the blame to the prescribing doctor. Also, he came to lecture near where I live, and the cheapest seat was $250 with some seats over $1100. I love the free market, and he was selling out venues, but when big money becomes involved, people show who they truly are.

And his daughter is a skank.

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You're right.

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